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I look with sadness and despair upon the ocean of “would be” masculinity that confronts me today. There is, make no mistake, a crisis in masculinity. Men have simply lost their way, they have lost their identity, the have lost the essence of manhood and they have fallen into a world of gender confusion and hybrid sexuality. It was first cast as “metro sexuality”, and it has metastasized ever since. Boys who have never grown up now inhabit the bodies of men. Disrespecting the laws of nature, they have taken to body piercing, tattoos, crazy hair, earrings, make up, drugs, excessive drinking and “product”, and the one obscenity of all obscenities…. the man bun. I am a man of peace and love, but I am almost driven to violence by the mere sight of the boy/man with a girl bun on top. And can someone please explain to me how grown men can wear dress shoes without socks in suits that are clearly 2 sizes too small? A special mention to the Altman brothers in Million Dollar Listing.

I am so personally offended by my gender’s descent into gender confusion, I decided to undertake some research. A serious chord was struck in my endeavor to try and understand this phenomenon when I happened upon new empirical scientific evidence that seems to substantiate that levels of testosterone have fallen significantly in the human male of our species over the last century.

It appears that during this period, environmental degradation, the use of pesticides in the food chain, hormones and antibiotics in meat, sedentary lifestyles, processed, fast and fatty foods have all conspired to erode the vitality of the testicle. Not only are testosterone levels falling but sperm levels are also plummeting. This would appear to account for the fact that so many young men today appear to look effeminate and male body frames seem diminished in muscle mass when compared to earlier generations. Of course, a counterweight to this proposition is the “steroids boys’ club” but I find this is a small tribe of narcissists and their overcompensation in muscle mass has almost reached a point of caricature.

The erosion of physical masculinity seems also to be accompanied by an erosion in emotional maturity and a lack of general direction in life.

So many young women who I talk to today, complain bitterly that their counterparts in love express no desire to commit and are not interested in the traditional family concept.

Another explanation perhaps maybe that aggressive, rampant feminism has emasculated the traditional masculine ethos. Another casualty of political correctness perhaps? However, I must profess genuine confusion as to the reasons for this phenomenon; but make no mistake it is real. A young female office colleague of mine inspired me write this blog over coffee. She is in her late 20’s, has a current partner but still raised her eyes to heaven suggesting that men today are, and I quote, “pussys”.

I truly believe that there is a desperate need for men to redefine their masculinity. I suggest that it does not lie in the tattoo parlor or body piercing shop or at the end of a syringe. It is driven by a deep-seated primeval instinct to protect a woman and to nurture a family. In its finest expression it is the ideal to lead by example, in all ideals that are noble.

The greatest generations of men stormed the beaches of Gallipoli and Normandy, they were tough and resilient and were prepared to die for the freedoms that we now enjoy.

Australian men have created the greatest ethic of all men, the ethic of “mate-ship” and the collective moral code of looking after each other. Bullying is not tolerated within this culture nor are random acts of violence. When I was a little boy, I was enchanted with the story of “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table”. Why can’t we create a modern code of chivalry?

Real men, respect their elders, are kind and courteous. Real men don’t need substances to be bigger or better men, they don’t need to get ‘shit faced’ to have fun. I want to suggest that we can, as men, renew our masculinity with a new code of conduct and adopt these values. Real men love their mothers, adore their wives or partners, cherish family, and will toil for a lifetime to ensure that their loved ones will never have to go without.

Real men don’t hurt women or children and abhor cruelty in all forms. Real men are prepared to fight for these values. If they commit a breach of this code there should be uniform outrage by all men, not the deafening silence that we see today. Rise up men of Australia! Rise up men of the world! Reject metrosexual narcissism in all its forms.

Show that you have balls and that they are there for a purpose.

Dedicated in loving memory of David Carr, father and mentor to Melissa Walsh, a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul.

Never give up on love


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JD Watt, author of the book “BURNT”; the shocking true story of a woman’s deception and a man’s broken heart, is a divorced, devastatingly handsome, affluent single 51-year-old professional. He lives in the wealthy Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Australia. He is also a blogger giving his advice on love, relationships, sex and dating from the perspective of a middle-aged guy having learnt so much from his decade long search for “the one”.

Intelligent, established, sophisticated, cultured, honest, kind, loving, generous, tall and handsome, JD is every woman’s dream.

He offers advice on relationships and how to read the signs, so you never get “BURNT”. JD believes in love and so should you. BURNT by JD Watt is available on Amazon, Kindle and on online Booksellers globally. Download or buy your copy today.

JD Watt is not a psychologist or therapist; he bases his advice and opinions on his own life experience.


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