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Michael, a 51 year old successful, devastatingly handsome, wealthy, established professional has a chance encounter with Simone, a beautiful Italian woman, visiting Sydney at a well-known nightspot on the eve of her departure back overseas. The attraction is mutual and their connection electric.

They start a long-distance relationship via Skype, email and what turns out to be nearly 7,000 texts over the course of the next 7 months.  A strong friendship forms and the dream of romance becomes reality when Simone informs Michael she has been offered a job in Sydney and will be moving  permanently.

Follow their passionate, loving, erotic and deeply personal relationship through Michael's commentary and the extensive text message dialogue that chronicles the flourishing love affair.

The relationship appears secure, except for the constant interruptions from Simone's ex-boyfriend, Marco.  Marco's regular calls arouse Michael's suspicions to the point he hires a Private Investigator to finally uncover the truth. What happened next, no-one could have anticipated.  

Simon's Choice - Autobiography published by Austin Macauley - United Kingdom

Based on a True Story 

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