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This is a perennial question and involves a balanced assessment of the person sitting opposite you. When attraction is powerful a little bit of alcohol can make it explosive. And when you feel this attraction there is a temptation to keep on drinking to see where things may end up! Alcohol dis-inhibits and stimulates at the same time. Most men whilst feeling the urgent need to reach out physically feel that if a woman is to reciprocate that she is “easy” and that the prospects of a long-term relationship may diminish in favor of a short-term fling. Whilst this may be social stereotyping at its worst it is never the less a factor in the assessment process and will no doubt offend the hardcore feminists.

So, the dilemma is, if you really are enjoying the company of a beautiful first date and you feel extraordinary attraction, you need to resist all temptation to take this beautiful woman to bed and exercise some discipline. If you want sex on the first date go to a massage parlor. Most intelligent women do not want to be objectified in this way and want to get to know a man before they can give themselves intimately.

So what if she is making all of the advances and you know where this is heading?

In my opinion if you are overcome with the advances of a woman the first time you meet, your moral compass needs lubrication. Her advances may seem very flattering but what are your intentions? This is the question to ask? Do I want to meet a beautiful soul in a slow and meaningful way; or do I just want post dinner horizontal action? One can rarely have both and certainly…. never on a first date.

Never give up on love.. JD x


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JD Watt, author of the book “BURNT”; the shocking true story of a woman’s deception and a man’s broken heart, is a divorced, devastatingly handsome, affluent single 51-year-old professional. He lives in the wealthy Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Australia. He is also a blogger giving his advice on love, relationships, sex and dating from the perspective of a middle-aged guy having learnt so much from his decade long search for “the one”.

Intelligent, established, sophisticated, cultured, honest, kind, loving, generous, tall and handsome, JD is every woman’s dream.

He offers advice on relationships and how to read the signs so you never get “BURNT”. JD believes in love and so should you. BURNT by JD Watt is available on Amazon, Kindle and on online Booksellers globally. Download or buy your copy today.

JD Watt is not a psychologist or therapist, he bases his advice and opinions on his own life experience.

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